TTLG was born one night at a kitchen table after a lot of talking (mostly over each other), a lot of gesticulating (mostly wildly) and a lot of prosecco (obviously).

For over 15 years, we had both been stuck in legal careers that were leaving us cold and as our families grew, the time demanded by our respective jobs became increasingly harder to give and that summer night in 2015, we finally took the bull by the horns. Plus, it was by far the best way to curb our prolific spending on clothes..... 😂

We haven't studied fashion for 25 years or worked for Vogue, but we are damn good at shopping - we really are - and always have been. Whether it's for our clients, ourselves, our friends, our kids, we both have a great eye and a sense of style that translates. Within our first year, we brought some amazing labels on board with us and this is going from strength to strength. Our collections cater for all ages, sizes and styles and we work hard to find unique clothes that aren't ten a penny on the high street. We import from France, Spain, Portugal & Brazil, source pieces from London and here on our doorstep in Manchester, as well as collaborating with local designers, photographers and other start ups. We don't have a bricks and mortar shop - our pop up boutiques, website & social media platforms are the ever changing shop window - and without those overheads we keep our fantastic labels at affordable prices. The only problem is we keep nicking half the stock for ourselves - a rather pleasant occupational hazard 😱

Our collections are always available to view online, at any of our pop up events and any time for private parties and styling sessions. We bring the rails to you and your friends for a night of fizz and dress up in your own home 💃🏻🥂❤️

Take a look, sign up to our monthly newsletter for offers and flash sales and please get in touch if you fancy hosting a private party.

Alex & Sueann xxx